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What can the Medland Movers do for you?

Through many years and generations of experience, Medland the Mover has learned how to move just about everything, from houses to pianos to industrial or commercial settings. Due to being an agent of the Great Canadian Van Lines, we can do not only local, but also long distance moves.

What do I have to do?

Medland the Mover comes with a packaging and unpackaging service which allows you to enjoy your move without having to do any of the work! In between picking up and dropping off, your items will be crated and kept in a temperature controlled warehouse. The only thing you need to do, is call today!


Medland the Mover is known for its local and international relocation services. Most importantly, Medland the Mover is prized for its ability to satisfy each and every customer through extreme expertise and delicacy. We offer a full crating service within a protected warehouse for allowing for storage between moves. We also offer packing supplies so you can pack ahead of the move, allowing for a fast and effecient moving experience.


The Medland Movers are also well known among the industrial and commercial atmospheres, being able to move heavy machinery through: Tilt'n Load, Fork lift and crane, and complete relocation services. Within the commercial sphere, Medland the Mover is also able to do a: office furniture and filing systems, computers/electronics services, allowing for a small office or an entire business to be relocated fast, effectivly and delicately

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